Sunday 13th November 2011

  Change of scenery today, well to start with anyway! A trip down to Catcott Lows was surprisingly good, the last trip there and there was no water at all. This time there was plenty. A big flock of Lapwing, Wigeon, Teal, Shoveler and Pintail was hiding some other goodies. Loads of Snipe which were only really on view when they were flushed by a Peregrine, which flew through at least 4 times. After one flush, i picked up a Reeve flying around with the Lapwing. While trying to get my Dad on it, we found 2 more Ruff as well. There was also c.100 Golden Plover there too.
Golden Plovers

Peregrine Falcon

   We drove through Blagdon on the way back. We found an early female Goldeneye and a juvenile Long-tailed Duck in the bay near the Lodge. Then briefly back at Chew, there was an adult Bewicks Swan from Herriotts bridge, this bird had been seen at Blagdon in the days before.

Long-tailed Duck

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