Monday 30th July 2012

   Nothing birdy to report today, except to tell anybody who reads this blog, and who cares, that i have finally finished writing up my Scillies trip, which was back in May. I didnt think i could take so long, but at least i have it done now. You can find it either by going to the bottom of the page, and clicking on older posts. Or easier still, go to the Blog Archive, on the right hand side of the home page, and click on May 2012! If you do this, i hope you enjoy what you see and read.

    Thank you.

   Just need to catch up with the rest of July now!!!!!

Sunday 29th July 2012

Silver-washed Fritillary
   More Butterfly searching today. Alners Gorse, Dorset was today venue. Brown & White-letter Hairstreaks were the quarry. Sadly, but not surpisingly they both stayed at the tops of their trees, but at least they were seen again. Purple Hairstreaks were seen up at the tops as well. Only decent photos were of a Silver-washed Fritillary though.

Red Fox

   We moved on to Studland to look for Smooth Snakes. But, sadly couldnt find any. But, we did find an adult and a juvenile Dartford Warbler. A coupl of Grass Snakes and Slow Worms were also seen. Along with a very brave Fox. Other creatures of note were Keeled Skimmer and Grayling.

Sunday 22nd July 2012

White Admiral
   Visit to Bentley Wood, Wiltshire today, to look for Purple Emperor and White-letter Hairstreaks. Stood around in the car park looking for the Purple Emperors, sadly we didnt see any. As we left a chap said he had one flying around the tops of the trees. No sign when we went back. Had a good wander around the wood today, and we had Red Admiral, Large Skipper, Silver-washed Fritillary, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, 3 White Admirals and 4+ White-letter Hairstreaks. Sadly the Hairstreaks stayed at the tops of the Elms there.

   The last couple of hours were spent in the New Forest, mainly around the Shatterford/Beaulieu Road Station area. Had a few Silver-studded Blues, but the wind had got up by then, and it made it hard to follow anything flying!

Sunday 15th July 2012

Rubytail Wasp
   Another Butterfly day today. The Heddon Valley, North Devon was the aim. Looking for High-brown Fritillary. As it was we only found one really tatty one! But, we did have Siler-washed and Dark Green Fritillary's too, Large White, Small Tortoiseshell and Large Skipper. Also saw some interesting insects, including the stunning looking Rubytail Wasp (Chrysis ignita).

Saturday 14th July 2012

   Afternoon visit to Ham Walls RSPB today. We had sightings of 2 Great White Egrets and a Bittern, but little else.

Sunday 8th July 2012

   Nice warm, sunny day today. So, we decided to look for Butterflies & Dragonflies. First stop Ubley Warren. Two Ravens were the only notably birds.
Butterflies:                                                                                        Moths:
   Dark Green Fritillary                                                                          Forester
   Large & Small Skippers (Sadly couldnt find any Essex)                               Chimney Sweeper
   Common Blue                                                                                     5-spot Burnet
   Small Heath
Forester Moth
   Large White
   Small Toroiseshell
   Red Admiral
   Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

   Then we moved onto Priddy for Dragons. But, not a lot happening. Common Emerald, Four-spotted Chaser, Common Blue & Blue-tailed Damselflys only!!! Added Ringlet.

   Then went to Chew, but not a lot happening there either. Did add Comma to the Butterfly list for the day though. Last stop was the Avon Gorge, to look for the Peregrines. They didnt disappoint.

Peregrine Falcon (Female)
Peregrine Falcon (Juvenile)

Saturday 7th July 2012

   Really crap start to the day, heavy rain and really dull too. So stayed local. Just a short trip to Portishead for an adult Med Gull, and Portbury Wharf to see if the Little Owls were about.
Mediterranean Gull
   The Med Gull couldn't be found for quite a while, but one last drive around found it on the bit of grass by the boathouse. Got the camera on it, but before the shutter went down, it flushed with everything else around it. Didnt see what flushed them all, bugger!!! After a while i refound it on the foreshore. Sadly i couldnt get near it. Threw out some bread and the Gulls came in. The last one to come in was the Med. Didn't manage the shots i wanted, but had to settle for flight shots.
  Then to the Wharf, one of the adult Little Owls was in the barn, not the usual one. Then flew to the usual one. A little walk along the track, and i managed to see the 2 Grey Partridges, which have been around for a while. Didnt bother trying to photograph them, as they looked really wet and bedraggled. Maybe when they dry out a bit.