Sunday 26th February 2012

    Went back early am, for the Crossbills, but they were not coming down to the puddle in the hour or so i had there! Shame that. We then went up the coast. First stop was Salthouse, there was a flock of Snow Buntings feeding and bathing in the car park, great start. There was also a single Dunlin on one of the pools.

Snow Bunting (Top: Female, Bottom: Male)

   Second stop was Kelling to try to see the Arctic Redpoll, which had been around for quite a while. No sign, no reports on pager either. Found out it had been there first thing in the morning, but hey no worries!! Then on to Titchwell RSPB. This has always been one of my favourite reserves, but not anymore sadly. There has been a lot of work done to the place and not all good im afraid. Hopefully the work will improve the place in the long run, but for now seems dead, up to its old self. Still we saw 2 Velvet Scoters on the sea, female Hen Harrier, Bittern, 2+ Spotted Redshanks and all the usual stuff at Titchwell. So not too bad, just doesnt feel right, maybe its just me?

Spotted Redshank
Velvet Scoter (Pair)

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