Saturday 7th April 2012

Fallow Deer
   Visit to the Forest of Dean today. Rainy and horrible weather put paid to any real searching of Nagshead RSPB though. We sat in the Campbell hide and waited. Nothing much bird wise, a Nuthatch collecting mud for its nest hole was it! A Fallow Deer Doe came slowly out of cover and gradually there was a bit of life. In the end we had 4 Stags and 5 Does and also 4 Wild Boar. Sadly they stayed just in enough cover to not get any pix, except the first Doe!
   There were a few Mandarins on Cannop ponds, but not a lot else.

   Stopped off at Aust Warth on the way home and there were 4 Short-eared Owls there.

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