Saturday 17th November 2012

    A visit to the Levels today, what could we find?

   Greylake RSPB was first stop. A walk around, nothing found, even after a friend had told me that some visitors, had heard and maybe seen Bearded Tits there! No sign for me. In the distance towards West Sedgemoor a big flock of waders took off, there were probably c1000 Golden Plover, and the same number of Lapwing. Quite a few Snipe flew around too. But, no sign of any Raptors, so i dont know what had put the wader flock up? Around the fields near the reserve there were flocks of winter Thrushes (Redwings and Fieldfares).
   As there seemed to be rain in the air, we decided to go to Catcott to sit it out in the hide. Not a lot happening, until a female Marsh Harrier flew across the back of the reserve, and away. Luckily for us, she returned about half an hour later, and put lots of birds up, which had previously been invisible in the grass and sedges! Quite a few Snipe, probably 30+, were seen, along with a little flock of 6+ Meadow Pipits.

Common Snipe

Marsh Harrier (Female)
Common Buzzard
    Driving through Burtle a very pale Buzzard posed briefly for some photos, before flying off.

  Last stop was Chew on the way home, which saw the Ring-necked Duck again in Herons Green along with 3 Scaup. But, not a lot else!

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