Saturday 15th December 2012

Bohemian Waxwing (Adult Female)
   As i said, a return to the Waxwings this morning. I managed to get myself parked nearby and pointed my camera out of the car. There were 15 birds again, in the bigger tree behind the shrub, with the berries on it. One came down then another, i got about 10 shots, then a few more came down. Then while watching through the camera they flew off, i looked up to see someone walking by. That cant be helped as it is a main road, but......they didnt come back!!!! I waited for 20 minutes, drove around looking for them, went home, came back and drove around again...nothing. Got home to find that, out of those 10 shots, only one was in focus properly. Well the tree was swaying about, and the light was rubbish... thats my excuse anyway.

   Lets hope we get another flock close soon. There are still berries on that same tree. Sadly the Waxwings dont read this blog, so they wont know that!

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