Saturday 20th July 2013

   A bit of a longer trip today, Northamptonshire! Butterflies were the aim today, at Fermyn Wood. It is one of the best sites in the UK for Purple Emperor. There are also White Admiral and White-letter Hairstreak amongst many others. The weather was sunny and dry when we left home, but by the time we arrived it was dull and really windy! Oh well, no chance today then, i thought….i was wrong! Although it did take a while, the sun did come out, not fully, but enough, and the wind was not so strong in the wood itself.

   Sadly even though i was in the right places, i kept missing the Hairstreaks!!!!! A walk back along the track towards the car, saw me find at least 6 Purple Emperors flying, high up sadly, around an Oak tree. I managed to pick out a Purple Hairstreak on the same tree, and got it in the scope for others to look at. then our perseverance paid off. A Purple Emperor landed on the track where we were. My mum walked back to the car, and found 2 more further along the track, just 1 by the time i got there. As you can see from the photos below, the Purple is stunning, but only when it catches the light!!!
Dull brown job otherwise innit………..NOT!!!!!!

Purple Emperor
Purple Emperor

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