Saturday 26th October 2013

   Right then, a weekend trip to Hayling Island, Hampshire for Semi-palmated Plover, then onto Kent tomorrow for the Two-barred Crossbills.

   When we arrived at Hayling Island, the tide was out, so there were very few birds on the beach there. But quite a few birders looking. After a long wait, the tide coming in, a strong wind, and the rain storms. We eventually picked it up amongst the Ringed Plover. There were also some Sanderling, Dunlin, Turnstone and Grey Plover there. Eventually, everybody got their eye in on the Plover, and it became fairly easy to pick out, due to its size. It never came close enough for decent pix, but i did manage some distant ones. The bottom pic shows the size difference quite well, i think!!!

Semi-palmated Plover

    Chatting to a local chap, tomorrows trip to Kent, became more unlikely. We decided not to bother, as the weather was gonna get worse not better, what a shame.

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