Saturday 16th November 2013

   Parents having a new sofa delivered today. So had to stay around to help. Typically there is a juvenile Black-throated Diver, showing really well near Woodford Lodge, Chew!!!!!!!!

   Did manage to get out to Chew late in the day, couldn't see the bird from Woodford Lodge though. But, we then saw the bird distantly, from the Tearooms car park, near the Dam, it looked like it was right by the Lodge. So back around, now sign again, then it swam out and into sight, but soon went back in. We drove around to Whalley Bank, where the bird did give itself up, but the light gave up too! Oh well did get the shot below, lets hope it stays for a while, and it brightens up for pix?

Black-throated Diver
   Almost forgot, i was chatting to a Fishing Ranger at Woodford Lodge, before i got to see the bird. He told me the bird had been there for 3/4 days. He also told me he had asked a 'birder', what it was as he had not seen one before, and, this is why i put 'birder', he was told it was a Goosander!!!!! Maybe not a birder after all, huh??????

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