Saturday 22nd March 2014

   Over to the Forest of Dean today, another look for the Two-barred Crossbills.

   Along Serridge Ridge, and down the hill to Drybrook Road station. No sign. Walking back up the hill i heard a few Crossbills go over, then the sound i have been listening for the Two-barreds, but i still couldn't see them!!! As i got back up to the path along the ridge, 6 of them flew from the ridge down towards Brierley, oh well saw them again, but no photos again too.

   One good thing knee feeling bit better today. So another walk???? This time from Woorgreens along the Crabtree Hill path. Almost immediately from the end of the car park, some birds flew up from the ground. Chaffinches maybe, but a closer look and they were mostly Bramblings, at least 60 of them. The biggest flock i had sen this Winter. Not a lot else on the walk to the Heath area, except lots of Siskins, they seem to be everywhere at the moment. Got to the Heath area, and found the bird i was looking for, within 15 minutes, then tried to get some shots. It was a Great Grey Shrike, it had been around for a while, but my knee never felt good enough to make the walk until today. It eventually showed really close, but couldn't get a close shots, as there was always something in the way. Did manage the one below though....

Great Grey Shrike
   So started the walk back, by the time i got to the car park, my knee was agony, but it was worth it.....i think????? Must be need for any comments on that OK!!!!

   We stopped off on the way home at Aust Warth, i know.......boring, but my parents haven't seen the Twite as many times as me. We did also see our first Wheatear of the year, bit distant, but.....


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