Tuesday 27th December 2011

   Back to Slimbridge today for the Bitterns, lot colder and duller than last trip! Which turned into a bit of a blessing as there were a lot less people in the Zeiss hide.

   I got to the hide, put down my bag and tripod. By the time i had got my camera off the tripod, a movement in the reeds revealed a Bittern, which flew up and landed in the open area between the reedbeds. Took some shots, camera on wrong settings, BUGGER! "There are 2" someone said. Looked, but couldnt see the second one. But, kept an eye on the area anyway, which paid off, when another movement put me onto the other Bittern. This one then continued through the reedbed towards the hide. After about a minute of trying to hide behind a fence post, it walked out into the open and out onto the grass. It stood in the open for probably 3 minutes, before walking, out in the open, along the fenceline. Then flew along in front of us and down into the reedbed again. Sadly, neither showed again for the next 2 hours! So i went to the Rushy Pen hide to look for the, probable returning, female Lesser Scaup. She was sat on an island asleep! So, no photos, but got the Bitterns anyway, so happy.

Great Bittern

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