Monday 2nd January 2012

   A New Year, same weather, same luck with photos im afraid!!!!

  Had a trip down to Ham Walls RSPB, on the levels, to see a Yellow-browed Warbler. Sunny when we arrived, but soon changed into a hale storm, they hurt dont they!!! No sign. What to do, stay or go to Burnham for the Lesser Yellowlegs??? Went to Burnham, weather cleared up, until we got there that is. Got to the pools and walked down towards them, the Yellowlegs was on the back pool on its own, or so i thought! Got a bit closer, seemed quite settled even with me there, then a Redshank called and 2 of them flew from the pool, taking the 'legs' with them! Had a look along the river, no luck. Walked back past the pools, only to find the 'legs' on the front pool. It flew straight onto the back pool and was again settled. Got a couple of rubbish, fairly distant 'record' shots, then moved closer. But, my recent luck held, as a Redshank flew in from the river, calling, and chased the 'legs' back onto the river again. Then came the rain again, i'm going home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lesser Yellowlegs

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