Friday 16th March 2012

Great Grey Shrike
   Thought about going to Chew after work, but the light was not the best. So i thought it would be no good at all for photos by the time i got there! So, i decided to go and look for the Great Grey Shrike, which had been refound at Queens Charlton near Keynsham. The bird had been found earlier in the winter of 2011, but had not been seen for quite a while, so it was nice to know it was still around. Got there to find that the birders there had lost it, after it had showed "very well"! I waited around for nearly an hour before deciding to start walking back to the car. I heard a quiet call, which sounded a bit like a Shrike. I stopped and looked, thinking i may as well give it one last shot! Looking through the hedge, there it was, probably been sat there all the time i had been there. I managed to get a shot through the hedge, then moved to try to get closer and it disappeared!! Found it again a bit later, but it was always distant after that.

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