Sunday 18th March 2012

Spotted Sandpiper
    Chew again today, to try to at last catch up with the 4 Pink-footed Geese, which have been about for quite a while, at Chew and Blagdon. First decent bird seen was a Barn Owl flying around the back of Herons Green pool, it ended up going back to the nesting box and disappeared inside.

   Drove around to Herriotts pool, and spoke to a birding friend who told me the Geese were at Woodford earlier. The Spotted Sandpiper was in its usual place along the edge of the pool, managed one distant shot. Not one of my best.

   So onto Woodford for the Geese. No sign where i was told. Then i picked them up swimming near to Nunnery point. So Nunnery it is then! Got there only for them to fly back towards Woodford. From Nunnery managed my first Sand Martins of the year though, with about 25-30 flying between Nunnery and Woodford. Back to Herriotts, but the Spotted Sandpiper was still too far for pix, there was a Green Sandpiper there too now.
Pink-footed Geese

  At least i have seen the Geese at last, lets see if i can get some photos now. Woodford again and this time i got some!

   Right while my lucks in lets try to see the Long-tailed Duck as well. Went to the No.1 Picnic site, could not see much as i was looking straight into the sun. I drove to the other end of the dam. Looking over the wall i could see the bird, and it was close to the shoreline at Whalley Bank. As luck would have it the gate was open, so i walked slowly along the verge. Took a few shots, then closer, a few more. Finally i was stood on the shoreline and the bird was pretty close too.
Long-tailed Duck (1st Winter Duck)

    The last hour or so of light was spent at Herriotts pool, just to see what happens. Usually a good time and place to see Sand Martins and the first Swallows on migration, but there were none. Did manage the shot opposite of a male Sparrowhawk as it flew by though.

   What a good day it turned out to be, and a good weekend too.

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