Sunday 8th July 2012

   Nice warm, sunny day today. So, we decided to look for Butterflies & Dragonflies. First stop Ubley Warren. Two Ravens were the only notably birds.
Butterflies:                                                                                        Moths:
   Dark Green Fritillary                                                                          Forester
   Large & Small Skippers (Sadly couldnt find any Essex)                               Chimney Sweeper
   Common Blue                                                                                     5-spot Burnet
   Small Heath
Forester Moth
   Large White
   Small Toroiseshell
   Red Admiral
   Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary

   Then we moved onto Priddy for Dragons. But, not a lot happening. Common Emerald, Four-spotted Chaser, Common Blue & Blue-tailed Damselflys only!!! Added Ringlet.

   Then went to Chew, but not a lot happening there either. Did add Comma to the Butterfly list for the day though. Last stop was the Avon Gorge, to look for the Peregrines. They didnt disappoint.

Peregrine Falcon (Female)
Peregrine Falcon (Juvenile)

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