Saturday 7th July 2012

   Really crap start to the day, heavy rain and really dull too. So stayed local. Just a short trip to Portishead for an adult Med Gull, and Portbury Wharf to see if the Little Owls were about.
Mediterranean Gull
   The Med Gull couldn't be found for quite a while, but one last drive around found it on the bit of grass by the boathouse. Got the camera on it, but before the shutter went down, it flushed with everything else around it. Didnt see what flushed them all, bugger!!! After a while i refound it on the foreshore. Sadly i couldnt get near it. Threw out some bread and the Gulls came in. The last one to come in was the Med. Didn't manage the shots i wanted, but had to settle for flight shots.
  Then to the Wharf, one of the adult Little Owls was in the barn, not the usual one. Then flew to the usual one. A little walk along the track, and i managed to see the 2 Grey Partridges, which have been around for a while. Didnt bother trying to photograph them, as they looked really wet and bedraggled. Maybe when they dry out a bit.

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  1. they look beautiful!