Saturday 25th August 2012

   Somerset Levels today, Dragonflies mainly, plus whatever else turns up...........
Started at Westhay. Had Common & Ruddy Darters, Emperor, Common & Blue-tailed damselfly, Migrant & Brown Hawker. The last one was what i was after, i have been trying to photograph this species for a while now, without success. Got really close today, but failed again......

Brown Hawker
   We moved onto Ashcott Corner, there were 2 Brown Hawkers right by the car park, so i waited. One landed about a foot away from me. Wow! But, into the sun, on the other side of a nettle stem. It was eating a Hoverfly of some sort. Take some pix then try for better, i thought. Got the one opposite. But, it flew off when i tried to get better.

   Then i returned back to the car park, a bit gutted about not getting those better shots...again! In the car park there was a very brave little Harvest Mouse (i think), which was probably too brave for its own good really.. it will probably get run over if it does this too often.
Harvest Mouse

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