Sunday 26th August 2012

    Now for some rare Dragons............hopefully anyway.

Holly Blue
   Wat Tyler country park in Essex, was the first stop, looking for Southern Migrant Hawker. They had been seen around the pools behind the new toilet block, we found the site fairly easily, but no sign sadly. Although we did have Migrant Hawker. Also there were 2 Holly Blues around the pools.

Migrant Hawker

  Next stop was Alton Water in Suffolk, for what should be the easier of the two rare dragons i was after. Willow Emerald was the target. They are only 'easier' because they have been around the area for the last few years and seem to have set up a decent colony there.
   Luckily, this time i was right. We found some with 50 yards of the car park. On the return to the car park, we found them all along the edge of the path back!

Willow Emerald (Male)
Willow Emerald (Female)

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