Saturday 16th February 2013

   A return trip to Slimbridge WWT, for the Geese again. There was also a female American Wigeon found here this morning. Will have a look.....

   Started looking around on the Tack Piece. Lots of Wigeon, Teal & Pintail again. But then i noticed what looked like a drake American Wigeon, it was... or so i thought, something not quite right, but what? I contacted the warden, James, who came and had a look. After a decent look at the bird we decided it was sadly a hybrid. Look very good, except for the grey back, which i was told, is a classic sign of a hybrid! But, still a new bird on site today.

American x Eurasian Wigeon (hybrid Drake)
   A Peregrine was sat in its normal tree at the back of the Tack Piece.

   Off to the Holden Tower to see if the Geese were about now. No sign again, but after not too long the flock flew in and landed. A quick scan through the White-fronts, and i found the juvenile Tundra Bean Goose. Then someone else said they had another! This time it was an adult, after another quick scan we found the second adult too. Not as close as i would have liked , but at least i could get some record shots.

Tundra Bean Goose (Juvenile)
Tundra Bean Goose (Adult)
Tundra Bean Goose (Adult)

    A return to the Martin Smith hide, and i refound the hybrid. Then i also found the 4 Common Cranes, which have been around the reserve for a while now. They are all ringed birds, and from the Great Crane release project, which is ongoing in Somerset. They flew over the Tack Piece and landed out of sight in the Maize field at the back.

Common Crane

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