Saturday 9th February 2013

   Decided to go to the Cotswold Water Park today, for a couple of reason. One, not been there for quite some time, and two, Smew photos!! Sadly the weather took a turn for the worse before we got there, and was really dull and drizzly, but hey.....
   Pit 44 was the first stop, the Smew were being reported here fairly regularly. They were there, at least 6 birds, 2 pairs probably and 2 extra females. There were also a few pairs of Red-crested Pochard on the pit.


Rd-crested Pochard
   On the way back to the motorway we stopped off at Coate Water Park. I wanted to see if the Tawny Owl was still there. But, sadly not..! We did have a pair of Goosanders there though.

   Didnt get the photos i wanted, got a bit wet, but better than staying in i suppose.

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