Saturday 1st June 2013

   A Dragonfly trip today, looking for Club-tailed Dragonfly, at Goring-on-Thames. As with most of our trips before to this area, there were Red Kites knocking about.
   When we arrived there were also a pair of Egyptian Geese there, first time i had seen them there! The usual Swallows & House Martins were coming down to a sandy/damp area in a garden, with some building work being done.

House Martin
   Then off to the river, our other visits here have produced teneral (juvenile) Club-tails, but very few adults. Sadly this trip was to be the same. But, its a heat spot anyway, as you can actually watch the larvae crawl up the wall, harden off, and hatch, then when they are ready fly off. An amazing process. Well worth a trip, just to see this happen.

   We then went a couple of miles away to Hartslock nature reserve, for Orchids. Not been here before. Nice, but a bit of a hill. The Orchids there, included the same selection i had seen in Spain last month! Lady and Monkey Orchid, and there were some hybrid Lady x Monkey Orchids too.
Club-tailed Dragonfly

Monkey Orchid
Lady x Monkey Orchid (Hybrid)
Lady x Monkey Orchid (Hybrid)

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