Sunday 9th June 2013

    Rang a friend yesterday and arranged a trip to Woolston Eyes reserve in Cheshire, to photograph breeding Black-necked Grebes. Sadly, when we got into the hides, reality hit home, the water level was really low, and the Grebe numbers were also low, also the birds were always too far from the hides to photograph. Even so, i nice little reserve, which i will visit again one day. Not a complete loss though, as i saw and heard Willow Tit!

   After the disappointment, we travelled to Whixhall Moss, to see the White-faced Darters. Last time we struggled to find more than 5 or 6. This time there were lots, but no Large Heath butterflies, yet! Also we had our best views of Raft Spiders.

White-faced Darter (Male)
White-faced Darter (Male)
White-faced Darter (Female)
Raft Spider

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