Monday 3rd February 2014

   Took the camera to work today, hoping to get out of work and maybe get some pix, as the sun was supposed to be out.

   Work finished, what to do? Marshfield, nah, nothing there, will go to Aust Warth again, for the Twite. Arrived at Aust Warth, picked up my phone, 2 missed calls and answer machine messages from Martyn Hayes. Oh dear, i thought, Martyn normally rings when there is something good about, or he wants one of my photos! As i haven't got any recently, could be important, so better ring him. Straight to answer phone.............and again, finally time to listen to answer phone messages. There a Red-flanked Bluetail at you can imagine i laughed! No chance to get there before dark, so hope its there tomorrow.

   Everyone knows i am pretty relaxed about my birding, but was a bit peeved about this one!!!!

   Then to everyones started raining again!!!!! Sun tomorrow forecast, lets hope i can get there.

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