Tuesday 4th February 2014

   Stuck in work, suns out.......typical! Twitter going mental, Red-flanked Bluetail messages and photos. Long, long, long, long day. Really dragging today.

   Days works over, drive to Marshfield and amazingly found a parking space. Suns still out. I started to walk along the footpath, and guess what......it clouded over.

Red-flanked Bluetail
   Walked the rest of the way, ah well at least the bird was still there. Managed some photos in crap light, not bad, but not what i wanted. This is becoming a habit recently.

   Will it stay????
   Will the sun ever come out again???
   Will i manage to be out of work, when they both happen together?????

   Lets hope so....until then

Red-flanked Bluetail

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