Sunday 12th October 2014

   As not going to Scilly this October, due to knee op cock-up by the NHS, what to do to find migrants....oh well Portland's not a bad place to start is it?

   First stop...Ferrybridge, the tide was in, so not a lot there sadly. Oh well, Portland Castle next. This was rather quiet too, windy & cold there, but the Winter plumaged Black Guillemot was seen from there.....could it be the same bird as last Winter, returning? Its in exactly the same place....!

   Oh well next stop Reap Lane, Rose-coloured Starling the target, would it be there....YEP! It showed quite well in a garden, but showed even better in the horse field opposite the stables, and then in the brambles along the lane. Nice bird too, usually they are pretty tatty looking birds, but not this one...

Rose-coloured Starling (Juvenile)
Rose-coloured Starling (Juvenile)

Rose-coloured Starling (Juvenile)

   Sadly, a look around the Bill, and then Radipole produced bugger all else............

   The best things were quite a few new Moths, thanks to Martin bringing his home catch to the Obs.

   This is a link for this day on my Moth Blog.

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