Sunday 28th September 2014

    Right then, lets try again......

    Back to Kilnsea, and the Masked Shrike had moved again, but again only one more field. It was in the field nearest to Beacon Lane, and was showing fairly well again, but still not close. The light was really good, no everything except the bird was right. After a while, the crowds thinned out, and i was able to get into the field, along the hedge, along with a few other photographers. Still the bird stayed at a distance.....

    So, we did the same as yesterday and visited the Canal Scrape hide, the same culprits were on view again, Common & Jack Snipe, the Wheatear put in a brief appearance, and not mush else.

   I decided to put in a few more hours at the Shrike.......come on i need some luck now.

   Sadly, it didn't work out as well as i hoped, but i managed some half decent stuff, on what was the 4th are the best, of a bunch of, not quite good enough shots!!! Oh well, good weekend anyway.....not everyday you see a 3rd for Britain is it?

Masked Shrike (1st Winter)

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