Saturday 22nd November 2014

    Chew was worth a visit today, as it held some good birds.

    From Woodford Lodge, while looking for the juvenile Great Northern Diver, we had quite a few Goosander, and the female Red-breasted Merganser flyby. Goldeneye, Kingfisher, 2 Little Egrets, and a pair of Egyptian Geese were also there. We also had a Ruddy Duck, but keep that to yourselves, we don't want the big bad 'cullers' knowing do we.....
   Then of course the Diver came in too....

Great Northern Diver (Juvenile)
Great Northern Diver (Juvenile)
    Another good bird was at Herriotts too, the Great White Egret was feeding in the channel. But flew before the camera was ready, it stayed around the back of the reedbed. Water Rail is a regular here, and didn't disappoint either, feeding under the Willow there.


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