Sunday 23rd November 2014

Great White Egret
   A return to Chew, to try and get some decent photos. We arrived at Herriotts channel to see the Egret feeding well there, and this time it stayed.....

   It fed really well there too, it was regularly catching Perch, someone there said it caught at least 28......

   Channel must be good for fish there, as there were at least 2 Kingfishers fishing around there too.

Great White Egret-with food

Yellow-legged Gull

   A look around the lake, on the way back to Woodford lodge didn't really give us anything new so, hopefully the Lodge would be OK.

   As yesterday we had Goosanders, the female Red-breasted Merganser, Kingfisher, Goldeneye...& ssssh 2 Ruddy Ducks.

Yellow-legged Gull
   The Great Northern Diver was there too, but this time not so close. The one new bird there, was a 3rd winter Yellow-legged Gull, which spent a while there on the pontoons.

Yellow-legged Gull

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