Saturday 7th January 2012

   Trip to Chew today to see the Ring-billed Gull, which has been around the Woodford Lodge area most of the week. The bird showed down to a few feet at times, coming to bread, if not Carrot cake, sorry Dave! It has an injury under its wing, maybe flew into something like a wire, but seems to be coping quite well.      
Ring-billed Gull

   No sign of the Spotted Sandpiper today, the spit it has been showing on is now underwater, so it has to either return to the pool at Herriotts or go altogether, lets hope it stays around! Would be nice if it stays into summer plumage.

   First Jack Snipe of the year, was showing from Stratford hide, asleep most of the time, sadly! There were at least 6 Common Snipe there too. 2+ Ruddy Duck and a drake Scaup were also seen from there. Looks perfect for Water Pipit at the moment too, but none seen.

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