Saturday 14th-Saturday 28th January 2012

  A two week trip to Sri Lanka, resulted in us seeing c250 species of bird, all the Endemics, and i photographed 190+ of them. I have put some of the photos here, and will (probably) do a more thorough report when i get chance. Still got plenty of photos to sort first! Hope you like what you see, all of these and the rest will be on my website asap. I can also highly recommend our guide in Sri Lanka, Amila Salgado, he was excellent, spoke brilliant English (which is always a big help), had a decent sense of humour too. You can find his blog, Gallicissa blogspot, and maybe if you fancy a trip to Sri Lanka you can contact him. I would highly recommend him, but even higher, i would recommend a trip to Sri Lanka, fantastic birds and wildlife, very friendly people, and nice and warm too! Along with the birds seen, i also saw my first Asian Elephants, Leopard, Water Buffalo and other wildlife, which included many Butterflies, Dragonflies and Moths too.

Black Bittern
Sri Lanka Scaly Thrush

Chestnut-backed Owlet

Sri Lanka White-throated (Legge's) Flowerpecker
Sri Lanka Bay Owl
Sri Lanka Scimitar Babbler

Sri Lanka Frogmouth
Sri Lanka Small Barbet

Sri Lanka Woodpigeon 

Serendib Scops Owl 

Sri Lanka Yellow-fronted Barbet

Sri Lanka Blue Magpie

Sri Lanka Junglefowl 

Sri Lanka Spot-winged Thrush

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