Sunday 17th June 2012

    The Somerset Levels. No cyclists were hurt on this trip and i didnt have to pay for a new windscreen! So that was good.

    First stop, Ham Walls RSPB. Bitterns were still booming from all directions, this place has to now be the best place in UK for Bitterns surely? From the first viewing platform we had, a Peregrine carrying prey. as it flew over the wood at the back, it put up 3 Hobbies. There were also probably 2 Cuckoos calling there. A female Marsh Harrier was seen and 2 sightings, probably different birds, of Great White Egret were had. Then i spotted a Bittern in the reedbed fairly close in, the cameras started snapping, except mine! I was waiting for flight shots. The bird took off and flew around a bit for me, my luck had finally changed, maybe!

   Over to Meare Heath next. On the drained lagoon there was another Great White Egret, but it flew off not long after we arrived. A Kingfisher flew acros the lagoon. We walked along to the Noahs hide track, where the Egret watch caravan is situated. They have a 24 hour watch going on, until the youngsters have fledged. For those of you who dont know, a pair of great White Egrets have bred there this year, the first ever for Britain. Spent about an hour in Meare Heath hide, bit dull apart from a close Bittern, which flew off before anyone else could see it. Then quiet until just as we decided to leave. I then picked up a flying Marsh Harrier, then another and another 3 in total all together. Could be the whole of the levels breeding colony, flew by!!! Then a Barn Owl, a Bittern, another 2 Bitterns, another Barn Owl and last but not least another Bittern. All in the space of ten minutes. Brilliant.

Great White Egret

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