Sunday 24th June 2012

   A Little Swift in New Brighton, the Wirral yesterday had me up early hoping for news. Sadly, there had been no news of it going to roost last night, and no sign this morning. Oh well, Black Hairstreaks then, not too bad a swap i suppose. As we got close to where we were heading, the news that the Little Swift had been seen again came out on the pager. What to do? Finally found Whitecross Green Wood, after deciding we were too close to turn back, and had a wander around. But, no sign of any Hairstreaks. We did have some Large Skippers, which were the first of the year for me. A couple of Red Kites were seen around the area. There was a WillowChiff there, which couldnt decide which it wanted to be. Not quite as good as the Iberian Chiffchaff at Porlock though!
   Couldnt resist any longer, New Brighton here we come!
   Got there in pretty good time, got to the car park on the seafront, but no birders apart from 2 which walked away from there, just as we arrived. Didnt see where they went though. Then as i was about to leave the car park to try to find everyone, a birder walked passed the car. I asked and he told me where to go. Thank you whoever you were, i would not have found it otherwise. Drove up the hill to a green lead roofed Church. Birders, and the bird great stuff. Fourth UK lifer of the year for me.

Little Swift

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