Tuesday 5th June 2012

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   Another day off work thanks to her Majesty. Decided today would be Strumpshaw Fen day, Norfolk Hawker and Swallowtails, hopefully. The sun was out again, so a good chance. First stop the garden at the end of the lane for Swallowtails. Sure enough there were up to 4 flying around, along with some Peacocks, Green-veined White and a couple of Orange-tips.

   To the visitor centre next to find out what was about. Was disappointed to be told the Hawkers had not been seen. Oh well, lets look anyway. Sadly they were right, too windy and not really sunny enough. Although talking to a local, they had been seen a couple of days ago. Wrong day again! On the plus side we did have a few hairy Dragonflies, Four-spotted Chasers and some Common Blue & Azure Damselflies. On the bird front there were 2-3 Crossbills in some for trees near the visitor centre, NOT there on the way back when i had my camera though. At least one Marsh Harrier and a Marsh Tit were also seen.
   We started the long journey home, but via a couple of stop offs. A site for Stone-curlews turned up at least 3 birds, probably 4. 2 Grey & 2 Red-legged Partridges there too.
   Last planned stop was Lakenheath Fen RSPB, hoping for Golden Orioles. A chat to a volunteer warden there, and we were driving to the 'Disabled' parking place. As my Dad had said he didnt want to walk too far. We got out and walked about 50 yards to the wood where the Orioles were. The usual 'We heard one about 15 minutes ago' phrase was heard. We waited around for a while, but nothing, so i went a bit further along the edge of the wood and one sang quietly, then a bit louder. Everyone moved along to where i was, it sang a few more times, but NO sign. While we were there we had a Hobby, a Bittern booming, a couple of Marsh Harriers, a Sparrowhawk and at least 3 Cuckoos. One of which landed in a tree right in front of us.

   Then the drive home, not a bad extended weekend. Thanks your Majesty. Wish we had more of them. Shame about the weather though.

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