Saturday 22nd September 2012

    Choices, choices today, the weather forecast said today was best day, tomorrow was gonna be very wet!!! So do we give the Dowitcher another go, long drive to other side of London for the Baillons Crake, or last but not least, do we go to Steart for the White-rumped Sandpiper???????

    Baillons, not really been showing too well and its the longest drive! The Sandpiper is a 25 minute walk, which my Dad was not really up for, so the Dowitcher it is!

    Got to Lodmoor and walked along to the spot where it had been on the 8th. This time it was showing straight away, same distance as last time though, shame. But, at least the light was good today. Tried a few shots, with 2 convertors on, still rubbish though!!! After about 3 hours, walking up & down a 30 yard stretch of mud, the bird decided to go somewhere different. It headed across the water towards the sedges where it had hidden last time. Oh dear, its gonna go back in there to sleep again, or so i thought. Luckily i was wrong and it carried on walking. Ending up in a small fairly close pool, to the left of where we had been. Much better photo opportunities, it wandered around this pool for 1/2 an hour. Then it walked along the mud towards the watching people. I found an area where i could view the bird and photograph it. The bird kept going along the mud and stopped to have a preen and wash right in front of me. WOW!!!!!! As you can see below, i took full advantage of its generosity.

Short-billed Dowitcher (Juvenile)

   There were quite a few Med Gulls there again, a flyover Yellow Wagtail and a nice Marsh Harrier, and at the end of my stay a Whimbrel flew in calling. Even my first Clouded Yellow of the year flew past. But, they were all outshone by the Dowitcher im glad to say!!!!!

   Choices, choices, for once i got the right one....
Hope you agree?

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