Saturday 8th September 2012

   Had to wait 4 days to be able to get to Lodmoor, to see my 4th lifer of the year! A Short-billed Dowitcher had arrived there on 4th, but was first identified as Long-billed, it was reidentified from photos! Drove down, being told via text and pager messages, the bird was showing. When we arrived i was told it had flown behind the sedges and out of sight. Oh dear...........
Jersey Tiger
   We waited about 3 hours, no sign, people were getting glimpses of it, only when it lifted its head from its sleep! Luckily there were at least 6 Sandwich Terns, 12+ Med Gulls and some flyover Yellow Wagtails to keep us occupied while waiting!
   We decided to go onto Portland to look for the Monarch, and then come back, hopefully when it wakes up!
   Walking back to the car, a friend said they had the bird in their scope, and let me have a look. Tucked into the sedges asleep was the Dowitcher, a lifer, but not really satisfactory views, but a lifer none the less! As i walked away thanking the friend who had shown me the bird, a large Tiger type moth flew past me. Scarlet Tiger i thought, no its orange NOT red!!!! Jersey Tiger, a moth lifer! I told a few people and got them to pass on the news, as this is quite a rare moth, although getting more common, in the South of the country these days.

   So, onto Easton, Portland. We got to the place where the Monarch had been seen. It was still there, along with quite a few Red Admirals, Large Whites, a Painted Lady (my first of the year) and 2 Silver Y moths. All of this on one Buddleia bush. Someone had told me there was also a Convolvolous Hawkmoth at the Obs. Luckily, we bumped into Martin Cade, the Warden, who said it had flown off, when the sun hit the part of the wall it had been resting on! Shame......

   Then back to Lodmoor, this time we saw the Dowitcher feeding, but still distant and in fading light and always, it seemed, in the shade! I di manage a couple of really poor shots. But, i will not trouble you with them, not worth it, im afraid.
But, if its stays maybe next time i will get something worth showing........... 'til then, i hope you like the Monarch and Moth?

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