Saturday 29th September 2012

    The draw of my 'bogey' bird, Arctic Warbler, in the far North-East, along with some other bits and bobs on the way, was too much. early morning saw me driving North. Decided to stop at Spurn, East Yorkshire, as there had been a lot of migrants around, including a lifer for my Dad, Red-breasted Flycatcher.
   First stop was the Rose & Crown Inn car park and Kilnsea churchyard (right next door). It was nice and sunny, but really windy in the car park, but luckily the churchyard was protected by some large trees. The Red-breasted Flycatcher showed briefly a couple of times, but not well, missed by my Dad though! There were a couple of other birds in the churchyard, Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler, also a Lesser Whitethroat. There were also a couple of each, of Common Darters and Migrant Hawkers, also a few Red Admirals and Speckled Woods.
   We decided to go to look for the Greenish Warbler, which was being seen near the Riverside Hotel, only a couple of hundred yards down the road. Very windy still, but eventually the bird showed well, if briefly.

Greenish Warbler
   We returned to the churchyard, to try and get better views of the Flycatcher. We eventually did, as it showed well and fairly close. Lifer for Dad! While searching the area, i found a Yellow-browed Warbler there. Sadly, it only showed briefly then disappeared back into the trees, it did call a few times though, just taking the Mickey!!!!
    As there was no chance of getting to Holy Island today, we drove to Scarborough for the night.

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