Saturday 5th January 2013

   Weekend at Portland for a mates Stag do (1st one anyway)! Drove down last night, weather was pretty bad, and stayed pretty poor all weekend, but the company was good and i did manage some photos at least.
   A wander around Portland produced very little, in cold, dull weather, even the Little Owl didnt want to put on a show! Two Velvet Scoters past the Bill were the best sightings, this meant they were not going to be in the Harbour though, or did it? We decided to go to the Harbour to see what was about. We managed to find a few bits and bobs there, but no sign of the Scoters. There were a few Black-necked Grebes there, lots of Red-breasted Mergansers, a Great Northern Diver or two, and a few Razorbills.  

Red-breasted Merganser


We checked Ferrybridge, there had been a Snow Bunting reported there for a while, no sign. But there were the biggest flocks of Med Gulls i have ever seen, according to the Obs a new record count of 816 was recorded, in the Ferrybridge/Portland Harbour area, an incredible sight!  A look at the Harbour from Sandsfoot Castle produced much the same birds. A female Eider was new though. A return to Ferrybridge saw us find the Snow Bunting on the roof of the new visitor centre there, it soon flew down and showed at very close range after that.

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