Sunday 27th January 2013

    Decided to have a bit of a journey up into the Midlands today, meet up with some friends and hopefully get some photos of some good birds! Well, got most of it right, just the photos bit let me down!!!

    Met the 'Bumbling Bears', at Swithland Reservoir, a journey outside even their county! This was to try to photograph the Velvet Scoters, which had been showing well at times over the last month or so! NOT today though, it did show, but distantly and always straight into the sun. We did manage to see a pair of Peregrines displaying over the wood alongside the reservoir though. A few Goldeneye too (not over the wood).

   Oh well there are more birds to see yet. We then drove back to the Bears own county, Warwickshire. Draycote Water to see a drake Smew, which had showed well for them last week. NO sign of the bird at all, but it was really cold and blowing up a bit too. Sunny though..........!

   Said goodbye to the Bears and started drive towards home. Then a bit of a detour into Shropshire to see a drake Green-winged Teal, which i had seen photos of on Surfbirds. It did show, but as with the rest of the day, distantly. See below, i have even put an arrow on it, to show the bird!!!!

Green-winged Teal

    All in all, a long drive about, sunny, cold and very windy day. Two out of three decent ducks, but not the photos i would have wanted...cant have it all i suppose!

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