Sunday 20th January 2013

    Planned to go to Aust Warth to see if the Owls were about. Then a pager report of 3 Twite there, made my mind up for definite. Got there, and almost straight away we found a small flock of finches flying around. They were all Linnets though. But while parked where the Linnet flock had landed, 3 more birds flew in and landed in a tree behind my car, the Twite!    

Got a few shots before they flew back out onto the Warth, and they were very mobile around the pill from then on.

   Then while chatting to some other birders, i remembered there had been some Waxwings in Thornbury. So decided to go see if they were still there. I got there to find 2 of them, in a small Apple tree in a front garden. While there one of the birds started calling more than normal, and i then realised there were more calling! Another 6 birds flew in and got chased off by the original 2. They did stay about though, feeding around the corner in a couple of berry bushes. There were some Redwings and Fieldfares there too, and a female Blackcap in the Apple tree.



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