Friday 13th September 2013

   Flight to Vancouver today, strange the date didn't strike me until now!!!!!!! Oh well, nothing out of the usual happened anyway.

Black-capped Chickadee
  We found our way to our motel, then went to Queen Elizabeth park, in Vancouver. It was fairly close and we didn't really have too long. Very quiet again, but, we did OK. We had North-west Crow, lifer for both, Black-capped Chickadee, and a flock of Bushtits. On the insect front, we had Striped Meadowhawk and Paddle-tailed Darner (the first, very similar to a cross between our Common & Ruddy Darters, the second similar to our Migrant and Common Hawkers).

North-west Crow

Striped Meadowhawk

Paddle-tailed Darner
   Actually, something unusual did happen that evening, we had the worst Indian meal ever!!!

   Vancouver Island tomorrow then.


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