Friday 6th September 2013

   First day of holiday! Fly to San Francisco and drive straight to Half Moon Bay. Got there checked into our hotel, and still have a couple of hours to look round. We walked across the road to the harbour for a look see. There were lots of Elegant Terns flying about, with brown Pelicans and Double-crested Cormorants. Then some waders on the beach too, Least Sandpipers, Hudsonian Whimbrel and Marbled Godwit, sadly this time of day you are looking straight into the sun. But, i did try to get some shots.

Elegant Tern
Hudsonian Whimbrel
Marbled Godwit
   A little wander around and my first lifer was under the belt, another wader, Black Turnstone!
Nice start, lets see what tomorrow brings…………..

Black Turnstone

   Then as i walked back, a butterfly, my first of the trip, flew across the car park. An American Painted Lady!

American Painted Lady

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