Monday 9th September 2013

   A land based day today, Pinnacles National Park. Looks good, but getting hot early on.

California Thrasher
   Checked in at the visitor centre, and had a search around. We searched for Sage Sparrow, and we saw 2 Sparrows fly away from us and into the thick sage brush, could have been them, but didn't find anymore sadly!Around the car park, we had Oak Titmouse and California Thrasher. There were a few other birds around, but these were both lifers. Not the best of photos, and they soon disappeared as the day warmed up. We walked up towards the rocks, keeping an eye on the ridges for Californian Condor, as they have been re-introduced in the area, and have been doing quite well. Sadly not well enough for us to see any!!! On the walk, which was rather quite for bird life, we found a few different butterflies, including California Sister
and Mormon Metalmark.

   We found a bit of shade between the rocks and under a tree, which is where we found the California Sister. As the food came out, so did the Stellers Jays, they was a pair there. They had obviously been fed here before. There was also at least one 1st winter Western Tanager in the same tree.

California Sister

California Sister

Mormon Metalmark

Stellers Jay

Stellers Jay

Northern Flicker

  The walk back, was pretty unproductive too, sadly. But, we did find a male Townsend Warbler and a male Northern Flicker too.

Yellow-billed Magpie

  We left Pinnacles and drove to Monterey. On the road out, we found one of the birds we had hoped for, Yellow-billed Magpie. 

    Before we found our digs, and checked out the harbour ready for the morning. I noticed a small pond near the road, and suggested we check it out, if we have time. We did have some time and checked it out, which was a good shout, as it turned out! As we pulled into the car park, a Belted Kingfisher flew from a tree along the shore, but we didn't see it again.
On the pond were some American Coot, 3 California Gulls, 2 pairs of Pied-billed Grebe and 3 juvenile Red-necked Phalaropes. Also i managed to photograph a western Scrub-jay there too. So, a good stop.

   Finally, before we went for food, there was an Annas Hummingbird in the car park of the motel.

Red-necked Phalarope
Western Scrub-jay

Pied-billed Grebe

Annas Hummingbird

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