Saturday 4th January 2014

    After being ill all over the New Year, this was my first trip out of the house. So, it called for a fairly easy one, Forest of Dean it was. Not to search for the Two-barred Crossbills this time, as that was too much like hard work, and i wasn't really feeling up to it!!!

   Sadly, as with my last visit, the usual places seemed a bit quiet, the car parks and feeders, either side of Speech House, Nagshead car park area, and Parkend churchyard were all empty! I then remembered a report of some Hawfinches from earlier in the week, now to try and remember where they were? The report said in the trees, around the triangle of grass, between Lydney Road and Coleford Road. As it was, they should have said the trees near the cricket pitch!!!! When we arrived, there were lots, probably 50 Greenfinches in the Yew trees, then i picked out a Hawfinch, then another and another. Then something disturbed them, and about a dozen Hawfinches flew out, with 20+ Greenfinches. I still found another Hawfinch, more still here then. A bit later the rest of the Greenfinches flew out, and another 10 Hawfinches. Amazing!!!!!! Light was really crap, so NO photos though!

   Oh well, Cannop ponds is usually pretty good for close views on the feeders. Last couple of times Marsh Tits there were few and far between. This time the first bird on the table was a Marsh Tit!! Good omen hopefully. At least 2 Marsh Tits showed on and off, very regularly, shame the light was so bad. But, i did manage some shots!!

Blue Tit
Marsh Tit

Great Tit

Marsh Tit
Marsh Tit

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