Sunday 12th January 2014

   Crap weather again, sadly, becoming a feature of this Winter. What to do??????

   Decided to go and check out last years Willow Tit site, in South Wales. At the bridge/feeding station there were Blue, Great, Coal and Long-tailed Tits, Robin, Nuthatch, Dunnock and Blackbird. Then i heard it.....a Willow Tit, then another. Although i didn't manage any photos today, because of the weather etc., this was definitely my best ever Willow Tit day, at least 3 birds, but probably more like 6, were seen and heard for most of the time we were there, not all at once obviously!!!! A flock of Redwings went over, then ones and twos, went over ever 5 minutes or so after that. 2 male Bullfinches were seen in the area too.

   Will defo be going back there, have another site nearby now too for Kingfisher, so will be quite soon too!

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