Sunday 19th January 2014

   After being told, by about 3 different birders, of a place which was really good for Kingfisher shots, a place called Forest Farm, near Cardiff. I decided to go see.............

Kingfisher (Female)
   When we got to the first hide, it was rather full with birders and photographers, but we went in anyway. I had already seen 2/3 Kingfishers before i went in, so it was living up to its reputation. I spent a couple of hours in the hide, but the birds, sadly, didn't use the nearest perches, which had been set up for them. But, again i did manage to get some Male & Female shots.

Kingfisher (Female)

Kingfisher (Male)


   I will defo go back again, as i found out later, i used the wrong hide! Well according to a few birders i have spoken to since!

  As we got back to the car parks, i heard a fairly familiar call....Bullfinch. There above us in the trees were 2 Males, stunning birds, and I'm afraid my photo doesn't really do them justice!

Bullfinch (Male)

    After here, and as it was not far, we decided to go to the Willow Tit site again. This time the light was better, but the birds didn't show as well. I did see one at least 6 times, but again failed to get any shots. Becoming a habit sadly, one day though........

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