Monday 7th July 2014

   Finally got chance to go to Cheltenham after work, for the Black-crowned Night Heron. This bird had been knocking about here, on & off, for quite a while. It did a disappearing act for a bit, then reappeared, at the same lake. Pittsville lake, is a strange place to find rare birds, but this is now my second there, after last years Great Northern Diver, amazing.......

   When i arrived, and parked the car, a friend said it is showing really well. He had come back to his car, for his camera. So, we walked back, and it guessed it...gone! It didn't take long to refine it, but it stayed under the trees, and mainly partially out of view....

Night Heron

   It finally showed out in the open, but a more further away, at about 8.30pm!!!

Night Heron
   Oh well, think it was worth the wait, do you agree???

Night Heron

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