Saturday 26th July 2014

   Right then, Alners Gorse again, lets see if i can nail these pesky White-letter Hairstreaks....getting a bit late, but theres always hope! After a few bits & bobs, including Purple Hairstreak....i bumped into 2 friends, they told me there was a Brown Hairstreak, showing well further along the track. OK lets do that instead. T
Brown Hairstreak

   Well that paid off quite nicely, with presumably a male, as it was not too brightly coloured. A male Brimstone showed well too, and we had a fly through Clouded Yellow, which was nice.


  As i got back to where we had started looking, i noticed a orange looking butterfly on top of a bramble. A closer look revealed another Brown Hairstreak. As i pointed out to some other people, it flew down to photographable height, and one chap must have got some really nice shots. Trying not to disturb it, i just had to stand back and wait......but it then flew around the bush, so i walked around to where i thought it was. It was there....i took one shot, and then wanted to change my angle, but it was having none of it, and flew off, bugger!!!! But, what a beauty....

Brown Hairstreak
    Sadly, no White-letter Hairstreaks to photograph. Oh well, what to do now?

    Lulworth Skippers, Portland, good idea!!!

    I popped into the Obs, to see if anyone had seen any, and where was best place at the moment? I was told that the usual place was still best, by the Pulpit Inn...but was also told by someone in the Obs, they had been over there and not seen any, but had some in the Quarry field. Oh well thats 2 places to try at least. Pulpit first though.....

   I parked the car and walked back towards the pub, and along the ridge. I found a very tatty Small Skipper, which had me going for a while. Then one flew along the ridge, but they are so quick and small, it soon disappeared. Didn't take too long though, and i found some more...and they showed well in the end!

Lulworth Skipper (Female)
Lulworth Skipper (Pair)

Lulworth Skipper (Male)

   Not really a pretty butterfly, as you can see, but a very localised one, so always nice to see, and photograph.

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