Sunday 6th July 2014

Silver-washed Fritillary
  A visit to Alners Gorse today, to finally i can get some decent White-letter Hairstreak shots, and see what else is about too. Still didn't quite get the shots i wanted, but i can cope with what i got, for a while anyway.......and this male Silver-washed Fritillary was nice too!

White-letter Hairstreak

Small Skipper
   We also had quite a few other Butterflies, including Small Skippers. A Brown Hairstreak was seen today too, which is a very early record. Will be back for them later though....

   We left and headed for the Levels, Ham Walls to start with anyway.....

   As it turned out this just continued the Butterfly theme.....with 'Hutchinson's' Comma and Brimstone being photographed.

'Hutchinson's' Comma

   Then i turned the camera onto juvenile Birds. Including Great Crested Grebe, Gadwall, Pochard & Coot......always nice to see so many young birds about.

Great Crested Grebe




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