Saturday 20th September 2014

    Chew Valley Lake today, bit dull, but got some half decent birds.

Hobby (Adult)
    We stopped at Herons Green, to look for the Hobby, which had been around. Luckily, it was still there, sat on top of the same tree, as on Thursday. But, this time i managed to get a shot....would have loved to get closer, but........

Osprey (Juvenile)

    I drove a bit further down Moreton lane, when i realised there was a rather large bird sat in the dead tree at Moreton onto the car park near the point, parked the car, and got out with the camera, to get some shots of a juvenile Osprey.

   So, two decent raptors already, always a good day.....

Lesser Horseshoe Bat
      Onto the hide..........i counted 28 hibernating Peacock butterflies, brilliant.....but, best of all was the juvenile Lesser Horseshoe Bat roosting there. I had only seen them here once before, as this is not a full time roost, i feel i can mention it here, if it was a permanent roost site........well it wouldn't be here would it!!!!

Lesser Horseshoe Bat

Hobby (Juvenile)
    So, onto Stratford hide....from there we continued the raptor count, with Sparrowhawk, Buzzard & a juvenile Female Peregrine........and then a juvenile Hobby too.....

    So despite the weather, not a bad day at all.

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