Sunday 21st September 2014

   Another dull, cloudy day, never good for again it was Chew. May get some better Osprey & Hobby shots.

   So we stopped at Herons Green again, to see the Osprey sat in the dead tree again....driving along Moreton lane there was a car parked in the road, as this is only wide enough for one car, this wasn't good.....then i noticed the driver, he was stood in the middle of the field with his camera, trying to photograph the Osprey.....not sure if he managed it, or just flushed it, because it was now flying around the point. The man packed up his stuff, before moving off....oh well thats those photos out of the question then!!!! I drove to the Moreton point car park, and as i stopped the Osprey came around again, and i managed to get some flight shots...

Osprey (Juvenile)
Osprey (Juvenile)
Osprey (Juvenile)
    After such a good start, the rest of the day was a bit of a let down, to be honest! Until while sat in Stratford hide, someone mentioned that there was a Black-necked Grebe at Moreton....

    So, that was the next stop, or so i thought, driving along Moreton lane i could see a large bird sat in the dead tree again, but it didn't look as big as the wasn't, it was a large juvenile female Peregrine....very nice too.

Peregrine (Juvenile)
    Then onto the hide, and there was the Black-necked Grebe, probably a juvenile, shame it was just too distant for photos. But, it definitely improved the day...

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